Make a donation in a loved ones name and send us the receipt and we’ll send them a Ur SAFE with Me gift card with a SAFE tag. The card can be sent to you or directly to the recipient, so please be sure to include the address of where you would like us to send it.


*Please note:  we ask that you only gift the SAFE tag to those who are truly interested in being a safe ally for anyone—regardless of race, sexual orientation, gender, gender identification, religious affiliation, culture or ability status.

The SAFE tag comes attached to the gift card with a safety pin.

Our desire is that your full donation go to the organization of your choice listed on this website, and in appreciation of your giving we offer SAFE and STOP HATE tags at no cost to you. We always want you to make donating to your chosen nonprofit your first priority, though if you feel compelled to help us with our production and shipping costs, any small amount is GREATLY appreciated...and NEVER expected. Send to through Paypal. Thank you!

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