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is dedicated to supporting those who may fear assault or confrontation because of the color of their skin, cultural differences, religious affiliation, sexual orientation, gender or gender identification, or ability status.


For every $10 you donate to one of the organizations* represented on this site you’ll receive a SAFE tag. The SAFE tag shows support for anyone who may feel at risk by giving them visual reassurance that a safe ally is present. 


Wearing your SAFE tag expresses your compassion and love for all of humanity while supporting organizations committed to making our world a healthier, happier and more inclusive place.

NEW! We've just added a new STOP HATE tag, as a way to show you won't tolerate hate or those who seek to marginalize others.


*Disclaimer: Ur Safe with Me is not affiliated in any manner with any of the nonprofit organizations listed on this website or any of their programs, projects or websites.

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